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From behind their emblematic logo, eight musicians with well-steeled personalities hammer out an original fusion of Balkan melodies, metal, math rock, electro and free jazz. With the inimitable look of metalheads without the guitars, intellectual punks and fairy anarchists all rolled into one, they also wield a typically Belgian sense of humour capable of ruffling the hair of even the slickest of rockers. Their unique repertoire is enhanced by their hilarious stage antics, drawing on freak shows and cabinets of curiosities to produce an explosive, dance-filled and festive show.

For more than 10 years, KermesZ à l’Est has been lighting up street art festivals and stages all over Europe. In addition to their rolling bar, this neo-fanfare post-punk band comes with its own prams and the Kramozaur, a domesticated dinosaur-on-wheels which increases the decibels and heats up the atmosphere even faster than the climate.

With their vast experience of street performance, these retrofuturist musicians bring to the stage a sweaty and supercharged show performed by actual human beings.

In their post-nuclear manifestation without electricity, you can sense their passion for acoustic music and the Balkan party spirit from the dawn of the apocalypse.

Whether on a stage or in the street, KermesZ à l’Est is a fizzling bundle of energy, a truly explosive funfair bursting with off-beat humour and a contagious dynamism. But beware! Behind the leather jackets, beards and mullets there also hides a group of tender lambs who speak to you of true love in double quavers and cause grandmothers to headbang to trash metal beats and the most gothic of teens to dance to the sound of the accordion.

In april 2020, KermesZ released a new album: RDS-202, that is also the code name of the “Tsar Bomba”, the most powerful nuclear bomb ever created by mankind. It illustrates both the incredible energy of its music and the madness of man at the heart of this post-industrial world. Indeed, the visual universe of KemersZ is strongly inspired by post-apocalyptic visions. Boooom !

And there’s Zézette too…

Not satisfied with stimulating your ears, nose and eyes, among KermesZ à l’Est’s many props you will also find Zézette, a real Belgian organic craft beer imbued with magical beautifying properties.




  • the bearded woman: LUC LAMBERT / Trumpet
  • the taxidermophile: MARTIN <<Bichette>> CHENEL / Saxophones
  • the pram operator: MARTIN <<Papitchulo>> MORONI / Snare drum
  • the megaphonist: MAXIME TIRTIAUX / Banjoline, Tamboura
  • the brewer-gatherer: PASQUOT KRAVAGNA / Sousaphone
  • the tanner of old skins: MARTIN CHEMIN / Basse drum
  • the giant snail: CHRISTOPHE <<Tosh>> COLLIGNON / Trombone
  • the clickor of enroules: EMMANUEL HAESSIG / Saxophone, Clarinet, EWI