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KermosZyclette // Summer 2020

5 mei 2020

KermosZyclette : Hells Angels pedaling!

This summer, KermeszZ will relocalise tour with a brand new old recycle idea : KermosZyclette.

With the KermosZyclette project, Kermesz intend to reconnect with the old tradition of traveling shows by setting up a crazy burlesque brass pedaling convoy.

To continue make you dream this summer, we're adapting our show and developing a fleet of pedal machines in order to transport 8 musicians and the entire scenography.

This convoy, "KermosZyclette", will allow us to bring concerts and shows in walloon villages with a zero carbon footprint. Light, close to the public, ecological, self-produced, freed this project will bring music where actuality has just provided lockdown and cultural regression.

To be continued...