Belgian Balkan Metal Brass Band

Kermesz à l’Est will be a the Womad festival 
in Las Palmas on the 15th of november !!!

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CLIP  2017

Kermesz on street

Womad festival - UK 2018

Balakanic festival - Bucarest 2017

Womad festival - UK 2018

Festival Esperanzah - BE 2018


19 Oct 2018                Ventre de la baleine                     Liège  - BE

20 Oct 2018                Theaterfest                                   Saint Vith - BE

15 Nov 2018                Womad Gran Canaria                        Las Palmas - ES

Other review from Songlines 
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Songlines Review Womad UK :
«The most ebullient and side-splittingly funny group came from just across the channel. KermesZ à l’Est are a Belgian-Balkan brass band who enjoy the comic potential of heavy-metal haircuts, tongue waggling and Greek dancing. They kick dolls and cymbals across the stage but are masters of their instruments. A breath of fresh air with guffaws of laughter all round.»